A break is when we take a certain number of packs of Pokémon cards and break them open to find the “hits”. A “hit” is any card that is holo or better. There are normally 10 spot breaks or any number spot breaks depending on set or items in the break. These spots will be labeled with a “type”. These types include: Grass, Fire, Water, Electric, Fighting, Psychic, Dark, Steel, Colorless, Trainer, and in 11 spot breaks for example Fairy/Dragon will also be a possible typing spot. Once spots are filled the Type List and the Name list will both be randomized. At the end of the randomization wherever your name landed that is the spot you will get. When any “hit” is pulled of the typing you are assigned, that card goes to you. All holo and reverse cards will be randomly distributed, unless chosen to be left behind, with bulk (common/uncommon cards) being optional as well.



A group break has anywhere from 5 to 12 spots with preselected packs from either English or Japanese sets. These breaks are good for people looking to get the best out of different sets or are looking to improve their collections. You buy a spot in this break and keep all the hits for that specific spot. This gives you a chance to get hits from a variety of English and Japanese sets at one time. We also have a variety of other things such as Re-Ments, Shikishi arts, and Graded Slabs which are included in some group breaks.



A personal break is for people looking for a particular card from a set also known as card hunting from a specific set. These are breaks purchased by individuals unlike Group Breaks. We open the amount of packs you purchase from any of the sets we offer. You get to keep the hits just like any other break. English Pokémon sets, you keep reverse holos or better, we keep non holo rares, energies, codes, and common uncommons. Japanese Pokémon you have the option to take or leave bulk. Miscellaneous sets such as Weiss, Digimon, Metazoo, etc. you will have the option to take or leave as well. If there is no option for you to choose, it is implied you get all cards in the packs.



The rotation break has 4-12 spots. Spots in the given break are randomized and assigned a number which correlates to your spot in the rotation. Hits include anything above a holo (GX, V, VMAX, baby shiny, etc.). The first hit goes to spot 1, the second to spot 2 and so on through the last spot. After the last spot receives a hit the rotation returns to spot 1 starting a new round. This order is followed until all the packs have been opened. This rotation style guarantees everyone will receive at least one hit. This break is great for anyone just starting out or feeling down on their luck but still wanting to get involved. For smaller rotations (50-60 packs) a stash pack may be given if nothing "top loaded" if found in the spot. Meaning any spot with no full art or IR/AR of value, will receive an extra pack. More packs may be given to said spots as the number of packs increase in the break (100 pack breaks, 216 pack case breaks, etc)



A pack battle is when 6-10 players go head to head in a battle to see who has the better packs. The pack battles are scored off of a point system. The person who has the most points after all packs have been broken is the winner. The winner will receive the prize that was posted on that battle and the person with the least amount of points will be awarded a $10 gift card.



Any Break that is listed with a "safety stash" means that there is up to 6 Booster packs built into the break that will be give to each non-hitting spots at the end of each break. If any of the Safety stash is left unclaimed to non hitting spots, it will get randomized between all spots in that break.



The bulk, common and uncommon cards, is divided evenly between each person. You have the option to either keep your bulk and have it shipped with you “hits”. The other option you have is choosing the “No Bulk Option” at checkout. When you choose that option, your common/uncommon bulk stays with us and you keep hits and reverse holos/holos, you will also be given break points in return. "Hits only" option is where we keep everything except for your ultra rare hits, and in exchange you earn double break points as compared to just leaving behind the commons. Japanese bulk at this time will not receive extra break points, but can be left behind if anyone chooses to leave it. Most every break, you keep all holos, reverses, and better (V, VMAX, GX, ETC.) that end up in your spot, unless you choose an option to where you leave holos behind.



Breakpoints are points you receive after purchasing a spot in a break, or given as bonuses for bounty boards or spots with less than average hits. The points can be used for discounts, or they can be used to purchase booster pack rewards for free.



Shipping will be done on a 2 week basis. This means that any group break will still ship free for customers living in United States, but now on a new bi-weekly schedule. There is a "insta-ship" option offered for anyone that would like to be shipped with in any given week at a time. For Personals shipping is by default held until the customer decided to have it shipped by placing an order for the insta-ship. Once we see this order your items then are processed to ship that following Mon-Tues, and out by Tues/Wed the latest. If any type of group break is purchased this shipping option is not needed and "Personal Break" orders will go out with group break orders at no additional shipping charge.

If you have an address change, please message us on discord or email us! We need to make sure the address catches in the system and need to make sure to delete old information so it doesn't auto-populate any incorrect information.

Break Holding/Storage

Due to limited storage space, we can only hold so many breaks aside for so long. 90 days from the date of your last order, if all you accumulate are personals, groups (applies to mostly international customers), or other items with no shipping purchased, hits and bulk will be properly disposed of. We will attempt to at least make one attempt via the email address on file to have you purchase shipping, after which, the cards or items will then be disposed of by LSPB. Our due dilligence on reaching out is a courtesy and will not be guaranteed, as the responsibility of your items falls on you (the consumer.)

*Holding arrangements can be made due to certain personal or life situations, please reach out to us via email or direct message on Discord.*

For international shipping: Shipping is unfortunately not free! Your order will be held until you are ready to have your order shipped. Once you are ready to receive your items, and have submitted a "request to ship" Via the google form on the bottom of the page, your package will then be shipped the following ship out period. Any extra insurance requested will be at the customers cost. Shipping cost will be directly invoiced via email, and once paid, order will then be shipped.

Click here for International Shipping Request form



If you live in the United States, all cards and prizes will be shipped the Monday after the breaks have been opened on a bi-weekly basis, unless it is a holiday then the following business day is when packages go out. If you are international, packages will be shipped on the following shipping cycle when requested.


Included for all Group Breaks
(For Personals only orders, buy a Ship Out)